BRIGHT BEAUTY CRYSTAL HOLLYWOOD MIRROR make-up mirror make-up mirror mirror with lighting three light modes dimmable black

Hollywood mirror for make-up and makeup. The ultimate accessory for every dressing table. Available in different colors and sizes.

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Dimensions Mirror (without Frame):
Height 80 cm x Width 65 cm
Dimensions Frame:
Height 80 cm x Width 65 cm
Dimensions bottom:
Height 2.5 cm x Depth 26 cm x Width 89 cm

Change your dressing table in your own beauty salon with this beautiful illuminated make-up mirror from BRIGHT BEAUTY. This timeless classic is used in beauty studios around the world. Apply make-up like a pro with the intense brightness of the LED lighting. The BRIGHT BEAUTY hollywood mirror guarantees you the perfect make-up and perfect look every day.
The BRIGHT BEAUTY hollywood mirror is the perfect model for any dressing table. Place this beautiful mirror between your makeup as the ultimate accessory.


  • Crystal LED-lit border for the perfect exposure of your face
  • Perfect (day) light (6500K)
  • Luxury finish with crystal edge and mirror glass
  • Made from the highest quality mirror glass
  • Simple operation with touch dimmer on the mirror
  • Including cable for connection to the mains
  • Can be used both as a standing mirror with base and as a hanging mirror on the wall
  • Standard 2 year warranty
  • CE & RoHS certified to meet all health and safety standards
  • Stable metal frame with superior quality mirror
  • Perfect size optical mirror (Width 38 cm x Height 50 cm)
  • Easy to assemble and use immediately